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    5/5 March 17, 2010
    Reviewer: A customer in Texas
    I have always been skeptical of these types of products but this one had so many great reviews all over the net, I decided to give it a try and am I glad I did! I struggled since the 1st of the year to lose the extra weight I picked up over the holidays but could not get below 155, even with vigorous exercise and strict low carb diet. I started Oxyelite on March 1st and within one week, I lost 4lbs. Since then I've lost another 3lbs. I've experienced all the benefits the product claims - quick weight loss, great energy, enhanced mood, and clearly visible reduction of fat in the trouble zones. I would highly recommend Oxyelite, especially to someone who is struggling to break through a plateau.
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    5/5 July 27, 2012
    Reviewer: Missy in Arkansas
    It sounds like the last negative comment was from a competitor... It is a great product! All the positive reviews above are very much true!
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  • 5/5 May 31, 2013
    Reviewer: Lacey in Pennsylvania
    I'm coming to the end of my 8 weeks on OxyElite (and now will take the required 4 week break) and wanted to review the product.

    The first time I attempted to take OxyElite, I couldn't do it. The pills made me feel SO terrible-- exhausted, loopy, jittery/tingly. I quit, because I felt I needed to be sharp at work. Months later, I tried again. I have heard different people have different experiences, but my first three days were very bad, yes-- I was incredibly sleepy about an hour after taking my dose. I went to bed at 7pm the first night! BUT, after three-four days, all the negative affects were gone. I took the maximum dose and had no problems.

    I didn't feel that this product gave me extra energy, like some have said, but it did a fantastic job of curbing my hunger. I still ate my proper meals, and I enjoyed the food when I ate, but I also easily felt like I could have not eaten and been fine. It significantly helped me be satisfied by my meals and not snack, like usual. It was also very obvious that it increased my weight loss beyond what I was doing through dieting and exercising. Where I normally would be lucky to lose one pound a week, I would lose two, even though my food and exercise log would suggest I would only expect a one pound loss.

    There are so many claims out there, but this is the one product that people I actually KNOW have taken and sworn by, and I am not disappointed. I'm ordering more, and dreading the fact I have to take the 4 weeks off before I can start taking it again.

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  • 5/5 April 12, 2013
    Reviewer: David in Ohio
    I have been using supplements for 20+ years and have never written a review. That means I was there in the supplement market when xenadrine was the greatest thing ever made. Then the hydroxy cuts, all of the versions. Muscle tech has lost me as a customer with their ever changing formulas and ridiculous dosage requirements. (3 capsules as one serving, ridiculous). Oxy Elite is one capsule is one serving. This is important to me if you are a supplement user and find yourself already choking down too many pills each day. I am very happy that I stumbled across Oxy Elite. What sets this supplement apart from the others is how it assists with several aspects of health and fitness with virtually no side effects. It curbs your appetite and enhances fat burning without the jitters which all the others out there have. It is the focus enhancing abilities of Oxy Elite that will keep me coming back for more. My workouts are more productive and even on off days I notice the benefits. I ask that USP Labs PLEASE do not think that you need to mess with this formula. You have gotten it right.
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  • 5/5 May 12, 2012
    Reviewer: Pastor David in Tennessee
    Wonderful product! Energy without jitters or crash!
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  • 5/5 May 11, 2012
    Reviewer: Ebony in New York
    This stuff works. I felt gullible for ordering it. But I really needed a little shove to get me back on track. I hate the scale and was afraid to look, but...I lost 4.5 pounds in a little under two weeks. It doesn't make me jittery and it calmed my nighttime cravings. Which is really what derails me. It's great!
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  • 5/5 February 27, 2012
    Reviewer: Steiner in South Carolina
    Works great. I developed a full blown muffin top between Thanksgiving and New Year's thanks to Blue Bell's seasonal ice cream rotation. Started taking one of these twice a day (before b'fast and before middle meal six hours later) and got back to my workout routine. Dropped ten pounds in a month. Very good energy kick also and not too jittery.
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  • 5/5 August 14, 2011
    Reviewer: Deborah in Washington
    This product works! Great energy and appetite control without jitters, anxiety or a crash at the end. Love it.
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  • 5/5 March 03, 2011
    Reviewer: Sohail Saleem in Taiwan
    OxyElite is an excellent fat burning product. I lost pounds and FAT with this fat burner. Also, if you combine USP LABS other fat burner called "Recreate", it will give you a fat burning experience that you have never had before. Try it! YOU won't be disappointed
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  • 5/5 February 12, 2011
    Reviewer: Mark in New York
    The only weight loss/fat loss product that i have ever tried that actually works. i was by no means fat when i started this but i am 41 now and was trying to lose a few extra pounds/love handles before my vaca to Barbdados. i can actually feel that my love handles have shrunk and the little belly bloat that i had is now gone. cant wait to use again before the summer.
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  • 5/5 December 29, 2010
    Reviewer: Alicia in Pennsylvania
    I was fussin and cussin at the price I paid for this bottle at gnc. I was just waiting for it not to work so I could get my money back. I don't regret it! I lost between 8-12Lbs in one month/month and 1/2 on this. I only used it to jump start my SUMMER and it worked :) I'm glad that I found it at Netrition.
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  • 5/5 December 10, 2010
    Reviewer: Melissa in Minnesota
    This product is awesome. It really works. It gives me tons of extra added energy and it helps with body shred.
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  • 5/5 December 05, 2010
    Reviewer: George in Maryland
    I have struggled with keeping my weight in check since ephedra was taken off the market. I have tried several "fat" burners and have lost a lot of weight, but by week 6 or 7 I hit a huge wall and have no energy to workout. This has not happened with OxyElite Pro! I have dropped from 240 to 217 without the side effects and over training feeling. I also stack this with Recreate. I am very pleased with USPLabs products.
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  • 5/5 July 20, 2010
    Reviewer: Kristin Nelson in West Virginia
    This product gives me so much energy without being shaky or sick to my stomach. This will be my 5th purchase ~ and I have tried a lot of different weight loss pills. By far the best over the counter for your money!
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  • 5/5 July 02, 2010
    Reviewer: Ryan in Indiana
    I've tried a number of these weight loss/fat burning supplements and had mixed results. OxyElite Pro is the exception to the rule. I followed the dosage instructions and had zero problems adjusting to this product. Most of the other options I've tried have had (at least initially) very noticeable effects when I took them and very limited results. The only time I noticed this product was when I ran out - my appetite came raging back and my energy is back to its previous irregular levels. My intent for this product wasn't to lose a bunch of weight. I don't have specifics, but in the seven weeks I've been using it, I've dropped body fat percent, changed a pant size and been able to drop some weight - it doesn't appear to interfere with muscle gain. There is no flashy packaging, no full page magazine adds, only a product that delivers. For reference, I'm 6'5" and 260 and train 6 days a week.
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  • 5/5 April 24, 2010
    Reviewer: Omar in New Jersey
    This product is great. I haven't had this good of a result since the original Xenadrine before the ephedra ban, I started at 230lbs i just wanted to tone up because i work out regularly so i already had a decent physique but i ended at 200lbs even in almost 3 months! That's awesome. Oh it works great stacking with Prime and Powerfull both 2 other great products from this company. I am definitely gonna use it again!
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