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    5/5 August 26, 2011
    Reviewer: A customer in Virginia
    These are excellent flavors. I have tried other flavors. These drops are much more highly concentrated - often only 1-2 drop per cup of liquid is needed. I prefer flavor over filler. With some flavorings, if you add too much, the filler flavor takes over. Not with these. The flavor just becomes really intense. Almost all (I think they have a new butter that isn't) are alcohol free so you can use them in products that won't be heated. This is the only brand I've tried where cheesecake actually has a flavor and yum! I can't tolerate dairy products (even lactose free) any I used to love cheesecake and custards and have been trying to find a good approximation to use with soy and other milk substitutes. These work great. I've used to flavor coffee, homemade ice cream, chocolate, oatmeal, agar desserts, to make different flavored cupcakes from one box and they did well in all cold and hot. I make a lot of items for diabetics and others on low carb diets. These drops pair extremely well with EZ Sweetz to make sugar-free items without the maltodextrin filler and sugar alcohols that many of the people I cook for are sensitive to.
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    1/5 January 28, 2011
    Reviewer: Mary in Pennsylvania
    If I could give Flavor Drops a rate of 0 I would. My opinion is that flavor drops is one of the worst flavorings you could add to anything. I ordered quite a few directly from Capella before Netrition carried them. They have an artificial chemical flavor and an even worst aftertaste. None of the flavors I tried tasted like the flavor it said it was. Sad to say, I couldn't even get a refund.
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    5/5 October 01, 2011
    Reviewer: Loretta in Oregon
    I love these little guys! I must own almost every flavor. I like that I can choose my own sweetener (usually stevia) and since they are so small, I can have a whole stash of them and not take up half the kitchen counter as with the big glass bottles of sugar free syrups.

    My current favorite: Boston Creme Pie. I put a few drops in plain unsweetened yogurt, add my stevia, and YUMMO! Better yet, I make my yogurt into thick greek yogurt, add the same flavors, and it makes a fabulous thick and creamy topping for any dessert.

    Hints: Add the amaretto or irish cream to your coffee. I use French Vanilla a LOT, & go thru it fast. I bake low carb, sugar free and gluten free (not easy!) So I use these to punch up flavors with great success... Add the peanut butter drops to peanut butter cookies, or pumpkin pie spice to spice muffins, or Waffle drops to flour free waffles, or blueberry, or strawberries n cream to your shakes.

    It's fun to experiment. Each time I made a Netrition order, I would just get a couple more, till I had most of them. :-)

    I'm fairly picky, but I give these 5 stars!

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    5/5 November 17, 2014
    Reviewer: Rachel in California
    I have tried almost every flavor - some are fine, some are good, chemically tasting..some are odd favorite by far is sugar cookie - I add it to everything including when I bake! The maple syrup is ok when added to Nature's Hollow syrup to give it a kick.
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    5/5 June 07, 2014
    Reviewer: Barbara in Massachusetts
    Wonderful flavors! I add the drops to whipped cream cheese and it's delicious!!
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    5/5 September 11, 2013
    Reviewer: Cheryl in Washington
    I put them in my vanilla milkshakes to make the shake any flavor I want. Variety is the spice of life after all. They work great!
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    5/5 July 19, 2013
    Reviewer: A customer in Pennsylvania
    These are great for adding to all kinds of things - can't believe I waited so long before trying them! I use the banana flavor in hot low carb cereal and low carb "banana" nut bread, and the fruit favors in water with sweetener. Caramel, Irish cream, and hot cocoa flavors are great in coffee. And for a quick low carb dessert, whipped cream with almost any flavor drops and sweetener - or just mix into low carb vanilla ice cream for all kinds of flavors. The other brands of sugar free syrups are good too but these are more versatile and take up a lot less room in my cabinets.
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    1/5 May 04, 2011
    Reviewer: A customer in New York
    I purchased five different flavors on someone's recommendation, but they smelled and tasted like chemicals. The French Vanilla was just awful--smelled like motor oil and had little vanilla taste. I also tried the various chocolate flavors and found the same problem. A great idea, but they smell and taste very artificial.
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    1/5 March 22, 2011
    Reviewer: Morgan in Oregon
    I don't know about the other flavors, but the marshmallow flavor I ordered to make low-carb (gelatin & egg white) marshmallows with was terrible. Chemically and just plain weak. Maybe better luck with simpler flavorings.
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  • 5/5 September 01, 2015
    Reviewer: Fostinner in Georgia
    I had previously tried the Orange and Egg Nog Flavor Drops and was pretty impressed. This time I ordered the chocolate almond coconut and pumpkin pie to try in my coffee and was very pleased with the flavor. It only took 4-5 drops to flavor a 16 oz travel mug of coffee. I will no longer be buying CoffeeMate to put in my coffee! I would love to see a Key Lime pie flavor from Cappella to use for my low carb baking items or for smoothies. I did not really enjoy the Flavlet in the Orange Mango. It sort of has a weird aftertaste I did not like when I tried using it in sparkling water with a little liquid Splenda. I would definitely recommend the Flavor drops to people to try in coffee, smoothies and baking.
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  • 5/5 April 18, 2013
    Reviewer: Melissa in Kansas
    I love these drops in my coffee! I do add more than the bottle says because I want to really taste the flavor. The chocolate raspberry, chocolate glazed doughnut and the amaretto are my favorites. I haven't found one that I don't like and am back for my third order of more--am ordering some I haven't tried also.
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  • 5/5 April 03, 2013
    Reviewer: Julene in Oregon
    I use the French Vanilla flavor drops in my protein drinks. Disclaimer: do NOT taste them direct from the container!! Yuck! But adding a couple of packets of Splenda with the drops makes my protein drinks awesome!!
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  • 5/5 January 16, 2013
    Reviewer: Lisa in Texas
    I love the Capella flavor drops. So far, my favorite is Sugar Cookie, but the peanut butter, NY Cheesecake and the vanilla cupcake are good too. I use them to flavor my coffee along with my Fiberfit (BEST sweetener ever!). I love peanut butter in my oatmeal, but on WW, I don't want the points of a lot of peanut butter, so I can put in one tsp of peanut butter and add the capella pb drops in and it tastes like I used more. I'm ordering more today, so hopefully these will be good too. Worth the money!
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  • 5/5 July 05, 2012
    Reviewer: Stephanie in Maryland
    I'm very happy with this product and have purchased several different flavorings including NY Cheesecake, Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble, etc. The reason I love this is that it doesn't add an alcohol or chemical taste to the food and I can sweeten it with whatever I want. Also, I no longer have to store those large bottles of Syrups, etc. The variety is outstanding.

    Thus far I've used it to mainly flavor Greek Yogurt and it does a bang up job. I will continue to buy these every time I order.

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  • 5/5 May 01, 2012
    Reviewer: Sara in Florida
    I love these drops, especially the TOASTED ALMOND. Nestle Coffeemate and others have stopped making coffee creamers in this flavor, and I love it more than any other! So boo-hoo to them, I am saving much money and getting what I really like, not being forced to buy something I don't like. Capella's drops really do go a long way! Much research and experience has shown me that Netrition is the best place to buy these. This time I have ordered some peach, kiwi-strawberry, and blueberry pomegranate water flavoring drops, too!
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  • 5/5 March 26, 2012
    Reviewer: Barbara in Connecticut
    I have purchased these drops and just put in an order for 7 more flavors. They are fantastic. They make my coffee taste awesome and now I can have whatever flavor I want and not worry that when I have a favorite, they will discontinue it or it will only be seasonal like peppermint mocha coffee mate was for a long time. They do not have a funny chemical smell or taste as another reviewer said , and the flavors are lip smacking good. Carmel, Chocolate Raspberry,and Toasted Almond , are awesome in coffee. NY cheesecake and orange cream are super delicious in homemade greek style yogurt(or store bought) These keep me on my low carb plan.
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  • 5/5 August 03, 2011
    Reviewer: A customer in Virginia
    I tried the double chocolate and the cappuccino to provide a low carb change from coffee creamers. I was surprised. I liked the overall concept; it only took a few drops to flavor my tea. To me, the cappuccino didn't taste how I expected (sweet and creamy), but the double chocolate was good. I will order more flavors. For the cost, they take up less room than the big bottles of sweeteners, so they're more practical and easy to transport. I checked out the manufacturer's website, and I see the product is cheaper through Netrition.
    This review is specific to Flavor Drops, Cappuccino
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  • 5/5 July 25, 2011
    Reviewer: william in Florida
    I tried the banana flavor in a vanilla protein milk shake, pretty good taste. I also tried to make some banana popsicle's with bottled water and some sucralose, didn't work, tasted yucky. Threw in drain. But the flavor is there, just have to use it in the right way.
    This review is specific to Flavor Drops, Banana
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  • 5/5 July 23, 2011
    Reviewer: A customer in Armed Forces AP
    My favorite capella drop by far is the NY Cheesecake! This is to die for...well if you are a cheesecake lover! Just make sure you add the sweetener...Excellent! I tried the other ones like Peanut butter and Marshmallow but the flavor was over powered by whatever I put it in. I read somewhere that if you let the flavor and sweetener sit for a while to let the flavors kind of "meld" together then the Capella flavor is even better! I will try again when I use the Peanutbutter and Marshmallow flavors. This is a great discovery for Low-carbers and sugar watchers can practically have your cake and eat it tooo..cheesecake that is....
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  • 5/5 May 18, 2011
    Reviewer: Jennifer in Oregon
    Makes a good snow cone syrup with added stevia or any other kind of sweetener and it has no dyes.
    This review is specific to Flavor Drops, Bubblegum
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  • 5/5 April 29, 2011
    Reviewer: Jessica in New York
    These are good for flavoring coffee and smoothies. 3-4 drops are all you need for a 16 oz drink or typically sized yogurt. Just make sure you add your sweetener to make the taste complete--the drops are intentionally left unsweetened to make them usable for everybody. Agave, stevia, Splenda, aspartame, sugar, whatever: that's all up to you.
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  • 5/5 April 27, 2011
    Reviewer: Kenneth in New York
    I don't know why this isn't getting all 5 star reviews! The blueberry flavor is top-notch. You have to add your own sweetener. This is great for flavoring plain protein drinks. I use 8 drops of Capella blueberry, and 6 drops of EZ Sweetz (Splenda liquid concentrate) with 3 scoops whey protein. Shake it up in a shaker cup, and enjoy! I just ordered 2 more flavors, can't wait to try them. In my experience, Capella drops are superior to the Stevita flavorings (which have Stevia already added). I have to add 20-25 drops of the Stevita flavors to get the same effect from my Capella formula (8 drops Capella, 6 drops EZ Sweetz). Capella drops seem more intense.
    This review is specific to Flavor Drops, Blueberry
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  • 5/5 March 01, 2011
    Reviewer: Leelannee in New Jersey
    These can be used as a substitute for "coffee" syrups like DaVinci--less packaging, no artificial coloring, and YOU sweeten to your taste! Also, if you are suspicious of Splenda and artificial sweeteners, you can use stevia or erythritol--whatever you prefer. Capella drops really concentrate the flavor!!!

    I have used the cool mint, raspberry & root beer float to flavor water/seltzer, and orange creamsicle for yogurt and protein shakes. I wasn't crazy about the chocolate--but I really really love real chocolate!

    You can also use them in coffee or tea, or to flavor muffins, cheesecake, frosting, pancake syrups, etc.

    I think these drops are great--for the environment as well as for variety in your kitchen!

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  • 4/5 June 01, 2013
    Reviewer: amalie in Virginia
    I bought these because I do not like sweet coffee but I do enjoy varying the flavor. These are okay. I need about 1 drop per ounce in order to taste the flavor over the coffee and cream flavors. I've tried butter, caramel, double chocolate and irish cream. Some flavors have more of a chemical note than others - its more of a smell than a taste but it turns me off a little. In sweet applications, I prefer to use sugar free syrups. Butter adds a subtle flavor to baked goods - I like it more than other butter flavorings I've used.
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  • 4/5 May 06, 2013
    Reviewer: Cameron in New York
    Works well in Smoothies and Sodas.
    This review is specific to Flavor Drops, Pina Colada
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  • 4/5 October 04, 2011
    Reviewer: Pam in Washington
    Not bad, but the flavor is not strong. I would buy again.
    This review is specific to Flavor Drops, Hazelnut
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  • 3/5 February 01, 2014
    Reviewer: Lyn in Pennsylvania
    I gave this product a 3 because I think it's a bit pricey. Flavor is good & only 2-3 drops are necessary.
    This review is specific to Flavor Drops, Marshmallow
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  • 3/5 September 28, 2013
    Reviewer: Shelby in Michigan
    I ordered the butter, peanut butter, and snick snack. I wanted butter flavoring so i could add it to my protein pancakes, but it's just weird. It does not taste like butter at all. Peanut butter is pretty good, but not very flavorful. Snick snack is pretty good-- it adds a nice chocolately, slightly nutty warmness. But it requires a good amount of drops. I might try a few other flavors, but I was much happier with the sugar free syrup I ordered.
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  • 2/5 March 14, 2014
    Reviewer: sara in New Jersey
    i tried a few of the dessert flavors in shakes, oats & yogurt & they tasted like chemicals. boston cream pie, brownie, cake batter,egg nog, & peanut butter. it was a bad buy. maybe the fruity flavors are better, but i doubt it. egg nog & boston cream pie were the most fair out of the bunch, but there are still better flavor options on this site to chose from.
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    2/5 January 25, 2014
    Reviewer: Janet G in Texas
    Beware of ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS. I am so bummed. I got the Spearmint drops and they are made with natural flavors. I really have been trying to stay away from artificial flavors, colors, most preservatives (sulfites, nitrites, etc) so I thought this product is great! I just received the coconut and dutch chocolate mint. Coconut is artificial and the other has both natural (probably the mint) and artificial. Anyway, this may not matter to many people but for those who try to follow a stricter diet, here's my review...
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