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Creatine HSC™ from AST Sports Science

How to Pump Over 87% More Muscle Building Creatine into Your Muscles . . . and Bio-Energetically Fuel the Phospho-Creatine Cycle for Sustained and Continual Muscle Growth Over 247% Greater Than Creatine Monohydrate!

AST Sports Science is networking with leading research groups around the world to deliver you state-of-the-art creatine compounds that are more effective, work better and produce results that the cheap creatine supplements can't come close to. Enter...

Creatine HSC™, the Hyper-Saturation Creatine Complex

The Problem . . .

We all know creatine monohydrate works! You take it - you get bigger and you get stronger. You feel good, you feel big, and you feel strong. You can knock out more and more reps with heavier and heavier weights. It's great stuff - at least for the first month or so. Then what happens? Bam! You hit that wall. The weights aren't moving up like they did at first. That pump just doesn't seem quite as full as it use to. You know what I mean. This is called diminished creatine efficacy. It happens to everyone who relies on simple creatine monohydrate for the their creatine saturation needs.

The Solution . . .

One of the fundamental missions at AST Sports Science is to foster a greater understanding into the dynamics of muscle anabolism through nutritional intervention. Creatine HSC™ takes the science of creatine supplementation even further. New Creatine HSC™ is designed to create a more efficient and congruent atmosphere to increase creatine uptake and utilization within the muscle cell by effectively manipulating the intricate metabolic pathways of the phospho-creatine cycle.

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Creatine Sports Nutrition

Creatine HSC's scientifically based creatine formula utilizes an advanced substrate understanding to enhance the biological mechanisms of creatine metabolism. Creatine HSC™ maximizes the integration of creatine carrier sub-pathways and bioenergetic mediation to effectively increase muscle cell creatine uptake, retention and creatine/ATP turnover.

Creatine HSC's innovative Hyper-Saturation Creatine Complex incorporates pure HPLC creatine monohydrate with an integrated bio-energetic ATP support system, a dual-phosphate / taurine matrix, unique sodium / creatine mediators and DGC™ (high-glycemic-index dextrorotatory glucose crystals) to help facilitate a desired creatine Hyper-Saturation effect. Through this Hyper-Saturation effect, Creatine HSC™ delivers over 87% more creatine to your muscles than creatine monohydrate alone. And it doesn't stop there . . .
Creatine HSC glass

Integrated ATP Support System

ATP Support System - AST Sports Science is currently researching the bio-energetic complexities of the phospho-creatine cycle in order to gain a better understanding of the co-interactions with relation to creatine / ATP synthesis. These important intermediaries are key to increasing the intensity and duration of creatine's muscle building effects. By providing these essential intermediate substrates, Creatine HSC™ fuels a micro-cellular environment prime for continued creatine/ATP turnover.

This permits creatine's potential as a fuel and a buffer for ATP and as a contributor to cell hyper-hydration, protein accrual and muscular growth. Creatine HSC™ provides the necessary micro-nutrients that take advantage of creatine's site-specific substrate activity. By providing these bio-energetic nutrients responsible for sustained creatine/ATP turnover, Creatine HSC™ delivers continual dynamic muscle performance increases month after month after month.

Sodium-Creatine Mediators

Sodium-Creatine Mediators - Unknown to but a few resourceful researchers, creatine uptake by the muscle cell is sodium dependent - sodium is required for proper muscle-creatine delivery and utilization. Providing the proper intra / extra-cellular creatine-sodium chemical gradient is crucial to hyper creatine transport - getting more creatine in the muscle than normally allowed under ordinary cellular-metabolic states. Creatine HSC™ stimulates sodium-creatine cotransport by increasing the transmembrane sodium concentration gradient. This increased sodium flow into the cell allows a thermodynamic creatine attatchment to hitch-a-ride in with the sodium. Creatine HSC™ provides a precise sodium requirement to increase cellular creatine accumulation through cross-membrane sodium transport. Another first in the industry.

Dual-Phosphate / Taurine Matrix

Dual-Phosphate / Taurine Matrix - Creatine HSC™ integrates a precise sodium-potassium phosphate combination along with HPLC Taurine for increased muscle cell hydration and insulin-like mediation for creatine transport to promote an optimum cellular medium for accelerated muscle growth. Controlled studies have demonstrated Taurine's potent insulin-like characteristics and have also shown insulin potentiating attributes as well. This dual mimic-potentiate ability may foster an even greater net effect in insulin mediated creatine transport. Numerous studies are indicating the more creatine that can be driven into the muscle cell, the more potential for substantial lean mass accumulation.

Spiking Insulin!

DGC™ - Creatine HSC™ incorporates new high-glycemic-index Dextrorotatory Glucose Crystals. This new glucose component helps mediate a significant increase in creatine uptake and retention by having a sharp impact on serum insulin levels. This insulin spike mediates a hyper uptake of creatine into the muscle cell. DGC provides this insulin medium without the overly sweet sensation other insulin spiking methods produce. Not only does Creatine HSC™ redefine the science of creatine supplementation, but it now provides a refreshing way to do it.

Two Muscle-Quenching Flavors!

New Creatine HSC™ comes in two awesome and refreshing flavors - Juicy Grape and Lemon Squeeze - in 4 pound (41 servings) containers. You just scoop it into a glass, add cold water and stir. Creatine HSC™ mixes instantly into a great tasting, very refreshing and potent muscle-building drink. It doesn't load you down or weigh heavy on your stomach. Creatine HSC™ is simple to use and very effective.

Creatine HSC™ is a breakthrough supplement with a unique precision Hyper-Saturation" formula that integrates the absolute latest in creatine research, delivering you the most scientifically advanced creatine formula available to help you build lean muscle and strength faster. Creatine HSC™ is defining a new era in creatine effectiveness. Creatine HSC™ will change the way you think about fast muscle growth!

Recommended Use: There is a 5 day loading phase: Take 1 serving 4 times a day. After 5 days you reduce your intake to 1 or 2 servings per day.

Servings per container: 41
Serving Size: 1 scoop
Per serving:

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