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Get Serious About What Goes Into Your Body! Get MX PRO40!

ISS has simplified the complexity of mass nutrition with MX PRO40. Created and tooled to supply your body with premier sources of amino acids and ingredients that have been specifically structured to aid in the development of lean muscle, MX PRO40 will help take your efforts in the gym and transform them into new found muscle.

MXPRO40...Lean Mass Xcelerator!

Science is continually introducing exciting breakthroughs that allow the average person to transform their body and athletic abilities to elite status. Gone are the days when only a few select individuals were privy enough to get their hands on exclusive nutrition and training information. Now those secrets are available to any one who is willing to listen and apply some new twists to them, courtesy of science. The hit and miss training programs and nutritional theories of the past will forever remain in the past as science blazes forward revealing cutting edge nutritional information.

Today’s nutritional theories and strategies are being molded around the concept of "Precision Nutrition." Precision nutrition involves the specific intake of scientifically proven macro and micro nutrients that create an optimum environment for the body to recover quickly and efficiently. This is great news for bodybuilders and athletes alike who are looking to accelerate their gains and performance.

It is well documented that before a muscle can grow, it first has to recover from the micro tears that occurred due to an intense workout. The fastest way for a muscle to recover is by flooding your system with the proper nutrients over the course of the day, allowing your muscles to recover, grow a little bigger, a little stronger. Continue to repeat this scenario and the end result is the body you have always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, this is not as simple as it sounds. To continuously fuel your body with the proper nutrients is a difficult task. However, this task is essential if there is any chance for recovery and growth. This is where Integrated Sports Science (ISS) takes over.

Integrating science with real life, ISS has simplified the complexity of mass nutrition. Backed by the latest research in nutraceuticals, body composition, and muscular performance, ISS has eliminated nutritional guesswork with a revolutionary new product that will take your efforts in the gym and transform them into lean muscle. A lean mass accelerator that is backed by science to help promote lean muscle gains, MXPRO40 will accelerate your performance like never before. MXPRO40 is first class bodybuilding nutrition that will support your muscles onto new heights in size and muscularity.

When it comes to muscle growth and recovery, protein is the key ingredient, far more important than any other nutrient consumed. And this is what creates the core of MXPRO40, a scientifically structured dual protein matrix. Whey and micellar casein comprise the matrix that creates the optimum environment to flood your system with amino acids for hours.

Scientists have discovered that whey protein bombards your muscles with growth promoting amino acids faster than any other protein in existence, jump starting the growth process by stimulating protein synthesis by over 65%.(1) Therefore, having a fast acting protein, like whey, in a protein matrix is vital to your gains. Without a quick supply of amino acids flooding your starving muscle cells, the body begins a catabolic process of breaking down muscle to use as fuel, which is definitely not the way to accelerate gains.

The second half of the protein matrix may be the most powerful protein known to man. Micellar casein, the purest form of casein available, provides a slow, prolonged release of amino acids that helps inhibit protein breakdown better than any other protein.1 By inhibiting protein breakdown there is an increase in nitrogen retention which means more lean muscle gained. How much muscle? One clinical study found a group of individuals who used casein protein doubled their lean mass gains and increased their fat loss by 50% over the other groups in the study! (2)

With MXPRO40's super saturation protein matrix providing a continual influx of amino acids, your muscles will have the building blocks necessary for sculpting new lean mass. Unlike other protein sources, MXPRO40 is easily digestible, making lean mass gains easily attainable. Other proteins, including foods such as meat and chicken, can take a long time to digest and can be difficult to absorb which leaves your muscles temporarily protein starved!

But protein is only the beginning. MXPRO40 contains glutamine peptides, the most absorbable form of glutamine available. Glutamine peptides are essential for protein synthesis and cell growth while also exhibiting both anti-catabolic and anabolic properties. Glutamine peptides tie up the devastating stress hormone Cortisol, which is directly responsible for tearing down muscles, allowing you to stay in an anabolic (mass building) state. Glutamine has also been showed to stimulate the production of growth hormone, aiding the body in building muscle and losing fat.(3,4) New research is coming forward on how glutamine stimulates carbohydrate storage in muscles.(5) This is great news as a high level of carbohydrate storage directly impacts muscle size because more glycogen is within the muscle, promoting a higher rate of protein synthesis and cell volumization. In fact, peptide bonded glutamine helps carbohydrates increase muscle size and volume, diverting them away from body fat stores!

In addition, there is an abundance of calcium in MXPRO40. There is substantial research proving that dairy calcium is an important factor in the regulation of body fat levels. Calcium influences a hormone called Calcitriol that helps liberate fat from body fat stores while promoting an increase in the body's metabolic rate. It also appears that dietary calcium may suppress hormones that encourage the body to hold on to stored fat.(6)

So why not just drink milk to get your calcium? An individual would have to drink 12 ounces of milk to get the same amount of calcium that is in MXPRO40. While drinking 12 ounces of milk seems harmless enough, it is its other ingredients that make it a poor alternative when compared to MXPRO40. Drinking milk instead of MXPRO40 delivers 245% less protein and 325% more sugar!

In the quest to remain lean, people have believed that dietary fat causes an increase in body fat, and in doing so have drastically reduced their fat intakes. However science has shown this is not the case.(7) By avoiding the proper fats, people are depriving themselves of the essential fatty acids (EFA's) that the body requires to function optimally. EFA's have been shown to increase the body's HDL (good cholesterol),(8) decrease muscle breakdown, and increase the secretion of growth hormone.(9) Don't fall back into the out dated notion that consuming EFA's will cause an increase in body fat storage as this is far from the truth. Because EFA's are in such high demand by your body for proper structural, hormonal (read: testosterone production),(10) and electrical functions, there is a negligible chance that they will be stored as body fat. In fact, since EFA's provide a significant amount of energy to your heart and other organs, your metabolic rate is increased and the body burns fat at a much faster rate.

Pro MX PRO40

Rounding out the list of ingredients scientifically designed to keep you lean and rock hard while packing on new mass, medium chain triglycerides, also known as MCT's. MCT’s are a unique "fat-less" fat designed to enter the bloodstream directly and convert immediately to glucose to be used as energy.(11) Think of MCT's as a fuel reservoir for your muscles that will help blast you through your intense workouts. In fact, MCT's actually resemble a carbohydrate more than a fat.11 Research has also shown that MCT's increase thermogenesis, accelerating your body’s ability to melt off unwanted body fat! (12,13)

With all the scientific mass accelerating agents in MXPRO40, you might expect that the taste is less than appealing. This is definitely not the case. MXPRO40 is a rich, creamy shake that will leave you craving serving after delicious serving. MXPRO40 is so good, you can eat it with a spoon!

MXPRO40 is the perfect choice to support your muscles with first class bodybuilding nutrition. With 40 grams of a scientifically structured dual protein matrix, plus lean accelerating agents such as glutamine peptides, calcium, MCT's, and EFA's, be prepared to accelerate your gains to the next level and beyond!

Now available in 5-serving Trial Size can also!

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