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  • 5/5 October 30, 2015
    Reviewer: A customer in New Jersey
    * Chewy sweet oaty texture. Awesome taste. I tried vanilla almond & brownie. The brownie one was excellent. Vanilla almond was mediocre.
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  • 3/5 June 09, 2013
    Reviewer: Garrett in California
    * Recently tried 5 different protein bars. On a scale of 1 to 10, I gave these a 9 - the highest rated. (My girlfriend gave them a 6.) However, at 18g net carbs, these might as well be a candybar. On the plus side, they have a reasonable amount of saturated fat (~1g/100 calories), but only 14g of protein, which for a protein bar is on the low end. Price wise they are about average.

    If you are looking for something low-carb, high protein and mostly/all natural I would highly recommend you check out other options.

    This review is specific to Oatmega Bar, Chocolate Mint
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  • 5/5 February 07, 2012
    Reviewer: R. J. in Florida
    * This is a great product on it's own, but a spectacular find for anyone with a soy allergy or sensitivity. Oatmega bars contain whey protein in a 40/30/30 proportion, with no soy (except lecithin which generally does not cause allergic reaction.) The lack of chocolate coating makes them handy to take anywhere.
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  • 4/5 October 24, 2011
    Reviewer: Angela in New York
    * These bars taste good. I had the blueberry pomegranate, the chocolate peanut and the chocolate mint. I enjoyed all three flavors and would eat them all again. My favorite was the chocolate peanut flavor.
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  • 5/5 May 30, 2011
    Reviewer: R. J. in Florida
    * For someone who has developed an allergy to soy, these are remarkably good. Sure, they don't taste like an all-out candy bar, but for a zone-type nutrition bar they taste fine. Since they don't have the usual chocolate coating, they can go anywhere without the mess. Really good bar.
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  • 5/5 April 15, 2011
    Reviewer: Sarah in Texas
    * I've been improving my diet and exercising since August 2010. At this point I've lost about 60 lbs., and I eat one of these bars for a snack daily. I love that they don't taste like protein bars- to me they're more like a crispy candy bar. (Obviously, a real candy bar would win, but you can eat this and still feel good about what you're eating.)My favorite is the chocolate peanut butter and the chocolate mint is a close second. I hope that when the company gets big & famous that they'll come out with more flavors (maybe a Chocolate and a Chocolate toffee). The mocha and pomegranate are okay, but I'm a chocoholic- so I much prefer the other two. I keep hoping that this site will start selling the protein cookies they make, but I haven't seen them anywhere online yet.
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  • 5/5 April 02, 2011
    Reviewer: Jonathan in Connecticut
    * Solid product. I dropped the Cliff Bars for these, and will never switch back! The flavor is great, and you can see from their ingredients that it's really designed to give your body healthy and sustained energy.
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    5/5 March 05, 2010
    Reviewer: Jonathan in Massachusetts
    * These are much better than they used to be...

    I used to have real trouble digesting these bars, but they (recently?) changed the sweetener used to Brown Rice Syrup (much less Fructose than Agave), which made a huge difference. This bar comes the closest to feeling like you've eaten real food.

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    5/5 August 28, 2009
    Reviewer: Joseph in Pennsylvania
    * When people ask me about why I eat the Boundless Nutrition bars, my answer is very simple. They taste " great " and it's what the bars contain. I'm not into taking nutritional supplements, so I eat the Boundless Nutrition bars. What better way to get true " fish oil / Omega3 "; 14gm of Whey protein; and green tea antioxidants(I'm not a tea lover)? My recommendation is to put the bars in the frig.. I like them best that way.
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    5/5 August 28, 2009
    Reviewer: Jo Lynn in Oregon
    * I love love love the Oatmega 3 Wellness Bars! The mint and peanut are my favorite 2! I have worked so hard to be healthy and fit that it's so wonderful to have a "treat" like the Oatmega bar to start my day! It's dense and chewy and tasty . . .not a candy bar but a meal that satisfies & helps me be HEALTHY! Time Release Protein too? You guys are genius'! Thank you . . . :)
    This review is specific to Oatmega Bar, Chocolate Peanut
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    5/5 March 09, 2009
    Reviewer: John in South Carolina
    * I have been searching for a true quality protein/meal replacement bar and I have finally found it! Just review the nutrition label and it makes you stand up and take notice. Quality protein/carbs/fats make it top on my list. Sure, it doesn't taste like a candy bar but after having a couple, the taste grows on you and I actually look forward to eating it. I highly recommend it but if you are looking for a candy bar taste, it may not meet your expectations.
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    1/5 November 13, 2008
    Reviewer: A customer in South Carolina
    * Whew. These had good reviews but boy am I glad I only purchased one of each instead of a case. They have very good ingredients and overall nutrition but the taste is just punishing. The texture is not like your ordinary nutrition bar either as it is dense, sticky, and moist which I do not like. Maybe it is the agave nectar which is the second ingredient on the list and may be the cause of the odd sickly sweet taste. One who is into organics might like them but they just don't suit my taste which is usually any Zone Perfect or Balance bar.
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  • 5/5 November 09, 2008
    Reviewer: Linda in North Carolina
    * My husband and I tried several different brands of bars, looking for something that tastes good and has plenty of protein and fiber but not so much sugar and saturated fat. Oatmega3 Wellness bars are the best we have found to date. We like to hike and sail and need something we can carry in our pocket that will keep us going until mealtime. We like all 3 flavors, and the chewy texture is very satisfying.
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    4/5 October 06, 2008
    Reviewer: Andrea in New Mexico
    * I'll confess. I'm a protein bar junkie. Not just any protein bars, but rather UNCOATED bars. They can go into my car, get squashed, and I never worry about them. I even have a spreadsheet of bars, that's how dorky I am.

    Previous reliable staples are Odwalla Protein, Organic Food Bar Protein, and PureFit. But those are either soy or rice protein, not the most absorb able choice for a non-vegan like myself.

    So then I branched out into Greens + Whey bars - pretty good. And Elev8! bars - also quite good. Both have real ingredients, more than I can say for bodybuilding bars. I'm so done with Labrada Cookie Bars!

    However, the Oatmegas so far are trumping everyone. I've tried the mint and have the mocha and peanut butter lying in wait. The mint is subtle but strong enough to make you take notice, and it's not the FAKEY mint like in Clif Builder bars - the mint in Oatmega tastes more like when I'm chewing on a Chimes Ginger Peppermint chew - kind of like that.

    I can't wait to try the mocha, and also to subject them to more damage like the heat of the car, to see how they hold up. So far so good, keep up the great work, Boundless!

    This review is specific to Oatmega Bar, Chocolate Mint Crisp
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    5/5 September 15, 2008
    Reviewer: noe in Texas
    * Excellent product. I am constantly looking for nutrition that does not affect my blood sugar numbers adversely. This product does the trick; lots of nutrition and good taste. Congratulations to Boundless Nutrition for putting this item together. Look forward to more from them.

    Noe Marmolejo- Cyclist, musician, professor- Houston, Texas

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    5/5 September 02, 2008
    Reviewer: Shaun in California
    * These bars are really a breath of fresh air. I have been eating protein bars for years and have grown so tired of the same bland taste. I tried almost every bar seeking a new taste: Clif bars, Met-Rx bars, Balance bars and many other protein and wellness bars.

    What caught my attention with the Boundless Nutrition bar is the high Omega-3 (fish oil) content. After reading the ingredients, I was surprised to find out that the bars also contain Whey protein and green tea.

    After ordering my first box I was pretty skeptical about how this bar was going to taste. It seems like everything that tastes good in this life is bad for you, and everything that tastes bad is good for you. I was actually pleased with the taste of these bars. The best thing about them is my Mocha bars were not chocolate covered like every other bar seems to be.

    I am definitely a fan of the Boundless bar. I won't be eating them exclusively, but I will definitely add them into the mix of supplements I take. It's just great to get a unique taste along with all the goodness they have packed into these tasty treats.

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    5/5 August 26, 2008
    Reviewer: Paula in Ohio
    * Oatmega 3 Wellness Bars are the best tasting high protein bars ever! Boundless Nutrition gives you a high protein bar with great taste and then makes it even better by adding omega 3 and agave nectar for sweetening. I have had bariatric surgery and these bars are wonderful because they add protein to my diet and I don't have any problems with digestion since these bars are NOT made with high fructose corn syrup or any sweeteners that will make me ill. In addition, their extra chewy texture, great flavors and nutritional advantages over other bars make them my favorite. These are the ONLY product with whey protein that I really like because they don't have the whey protein flavor. Instead, they are just good! I only hope that they come up with more flavors like oatmeal raisin. These bars are a real bargain since they can be used as a meal replacement or as a snack.
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    5/5 August 19, 2008
    Reviewer: Laurel in Texas
    * I am a very picky person about what I put into my body, even more so now that I am a breast feeding mother. These bars help me get the healthy extra calories I need for my baby, and body. I love the way they taste and the omega3 is great. I haven't been able to find another bar out there with this amount. I love that they are all natural and have a ton of fiber and protein to keep me full for a long time. I have been recommending them to all my friends at the gym and haven't heard any complaints.
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    5/5 August 14, 2008
    Reviewer: Robert in Texas
    * My search is over. I've finally found the perfect nutrition bar. These things are incredible!

    They are basically a "gourmet" quality nutrition bar with really good flavor (better than most candy bars to me) which maintain a good balance of fat, sugar, fiber, and protein, (7g, 13g, 6g, 19g for the dark chocolate peanut). Also, these bars are made from close to 50% organic products and are loaded with many healthy ingredients like 200mg Green Tea Antioxidants, fish oil, Omega-3s, etc.

    Just read the list of ingredients and you'll be amazed. Nothing artificial at all. The main sweetener is agave nectar which I'd never had before but after having these bars, I'm sold on it.

    Anyways, if you are looking for a good nutrition bar, you owe it to yourself to try these.

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  • 2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    1/5 August 11, 2008
    Reviewer: Kelly in Massachusetts
    * Thankfully, Netrition offers Oatmega 3 Wellness Bars in single bars - so I bought 1 of each, except the dark chocolate mint (I bought 2 because I love chocolate mint). I'm willing to try anything once - especially when they are chock full of wonderful ingredients. I was very excited to try them - thinking this could be my new "quick-meal-on-the-go-bar". Well, these are not at all what I expected. I tried a small piece of the chocolate mint and thought it was "just okay", but not okay enough to repurchase or even finish the bar. It just didn't taste that good at all. I only ate a piece and put the rest in the fridge - 5 days later I threw it out - I had no desire to finish it. Yesterday I tried the Chocolate Peanut - definitely a better flavor but still not something I would look forward to eating - I can find better things to eat that contain less calories and cost less. Maybe they should bake them or something but the taste is so lacking. Just BLAH to me.

    Overall - I totally respect and appreciate what they were trying to do but for me, these were a big disappointment for such a promising product.

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